Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Friend Of The People (Mixtape)

Don't let the cover art deceive you, this is an awesome mixtape. Took some time for Lupe to release this seeing how he was originally going to drop it before his Mt. Kilimanjaro climb, but then delayed it for obvious reasons. It seems he's updated the tracklisting considering he raps over a few new songs from the Justice album, "Audio. Video. Disco." which were pretty cool. Anyways, this was definitely a solid outing for Lupe and anybody who was beginning to think he'd fallen off, will probably change their opinion after giving this a listen. My favorite line on the mixtape comes from "SNDCLSH In Vegas" when he says:
"Yeah, Atlantic on the fritz
Cause I might not step foot back in that bitch
You disgust me, Jerry Sandusky
Goodness gracious pedophiles and rapists"

Download: Mediafire
01. Introduction
02. Lupe Back
03. Friend Of The People ft. Dosage
04. Double Burger With Cheese
05. Joaquin Phoenix ft. LIl Ronnie
06. WWJD He'd Prolly LOL Like WTF!!!
07. Lightwork
08. LIfe, Death & Love from San Francisco
09. SLR
10. SNDCLSH In Vegas
11. Super Cold
12. The End of The World

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