Thursday, August 1, 2013

Olympic Ayres - Episode III EP

It's finally here! Olympic Ayres just released their Episode III EP. Joking referred to as "Revenge of the Synth" Olympic Ayres is quickly becoming one of the top tier Indie Pop bands. We got a preview last month with "Magic" and now we get the other two amazing tracks from Episode III. In my previous post I mentioned how all of this great music is coming from Australia or Sweden, well, Olympic Ayres...Sydney. Point! You can purchase the EP HERE or you can download for free, but I strongly suggest supporting the band. The music is totally worth it.

San Cisco - Fred Astaire

It's only the 1st of the month and I think I already found my favorite track of the month. This is fun, upbeat, indie-pop at it's best. The vocals and lyrics are amazing, all of the instrumentation is spot on, and then they throw in some awesome synth work to put a cherry on top of this delicious indie sundae. This is the first time I've ever heard from the quartet but I wasn't surprised to find that they were Australian. It seems these days, if it's indie-pop and I love it, it's either from Australia or Sweden. "Fred Astaire" seems to be available on both their self-titled album and their Awkward EP, both of which came out last year. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up buying both.

Sunni Colón - Crème De La Crème 神 Flowers

Back in June, I posted "Karma" from Sunni Colón and this month we get his first EP. Other than "Karma" of course, the standout track for me had to be "Crème De La Crème 神 Flowers". If I'm not mistaken, "Crème De La Crème" and "Flowers" are two separate songs that fit together too well not to link them together. At around the 3:24 mark, you'll get into "Flowers" and thats really where I knew I would be posting this song as the standout. The first track is great and definitely shows more of the RnB side of Sunni and then when you get to "Flowers" you're able to really see his versatility as an artist. With this EP, Sunni Colón lit the fuse, it's only a matter of time before he blows. You can DOWNLOAD The Els' Flowers EP for FREE HERE.

K.Flay - Rawks

New music from K.Flay is never a bad thing. The Cali resident recently dropped a single from her upcoming What If It Is EP due out on August 6th. Haven't heard anything else from the EP but if this is a sign of things to come, you can expect her to really be stepping out of her comfort zone production wise. She seems to be experimenting with a style that I've never heard from her music. Although, experimenting isn't really a surprise. Going back through her discography, no two releases sound the same. She has steadily and effectively evolved through each release and the end result has never been anything short of awesome. Can't wait to get a new EP from my favorite artist. Yeah, I said it, favorite.