Thursday, February 2, 2012

Logic - Young Sinatra (Mixtape)

So a few days ago I came across Young Sinatra III and that was my introduction to DMV artist, Logic. I loved the track so much I had to find more from this dude and I found this mixtape that he dropped last year (I'm pretty sure it dropped while I was away from blogging) that is actually pretty awesome. Production is fantastic and to my surprise, he was consistently amazing lyrically and it never got tiresome. I love real lyricists but I mean seriously, I can't listen to an entire album worth of AZ, but I can definitely listen to this entire mixtape. Make sure you check it out and keep an eye out for Logic in 2012.

Beggin ft. C Dot Castro

Shine On

Let Me Go ft. Lykke Li

Download: Mediafire
01. One
02. Shine On
03. 30,000
04. All I Do
05. Sell Out Records (Skit)
06. Beggin' ft. C Dot Castro
07. Mind Of Logic ft. Camille Michelle Gray
08. Champagne Thoughts (Interlude)
09. Are You Ready ft. Phil Ade
10. Highs & Lows
11. Addiction
12. Stewie Griffin
13. Live On The Air
14. Young Sinatra II
15. Juice
16. Prime
17. Take It Slow ft. Raheem Devaughn
18. Let Me Go ft. Lykke Li
19. Mixed Feelings
20. Growing Pains II
21. As I Am
22. Just Another Day (In My Mind)

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