Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kings Dead - Revenge of the Beast (FreeLP)

Before my hiatus, The Dean's List was one of my favorite upcoming hip hop acts so when I got back to blogging, I was searching for anything new from them. As it turns out, the Boston natives also took a hiatus and decided to make their return as the new and improved, Kings Dead and released this awesome FreeLP, "Revenge of the Beast". There isn't a lot of hip hop right now to get excited about, but these guys are definitely one of the few groups that I will go out of my way for. Even the intro is super dope. Tracks like "My New Shit", "The Chase", "Shooting Star" are just a few of the tracks that I'm sure will end up on one of your playlists. Assisted by the lovely, Alexus Lee on several tracks, Kings Dead definitely show that they've really worked on their ability to craft good SONGS, something many hip hop artists seem to lack. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on these guys going forward and I'm sure after listening to this, you will as well.

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