Thursday, January 26, 2012

STS - Cut Me Off (Gotye Flip) (Video x Audio)

This is the first track I've heard from STS (Sugar Tongue Slim) and I have to say, this track fucking blew me away. It's not everyday you hear hip hop sampling Australian-musician Gotye, and it's definitely not everyday that you hear an artist as original as STS. I'm currently making my way through his album so if that turns out to be anything like this, it'll definitely be up soon. This track is part of GOLD Rush which STS defined as, "a weekly initiative from Sugar Tongue Slim featuring your favorite radio records given the underground treatment" while also adding that "For the next few weeks, anyone associated with a Top 40 record is getting flipped." So be on the lookout for more from STS. Audio below.

Download: Mediafire

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