Sunday, January 29, 2012

Artist Spotlight: STS

After discovering his music just a few days ago, I've worked my way through his catalog of music (via and thought "I've got my next Artist Spotlight segment." STS really has a left field style that still sounds oddly familiar, but in a good way. Listening to his two freeLP's, it reminded me of when I first heard B.o.B. on mixtapes. Not that they rap the same or anything, it's just that, both have a very unique style that seems like it's going to be a hit with the masses and yet, he still keeps it underground. Production on both The Illustrious and Demand More was amazing. Sugar Tongue Slim really exercises his range going from east coast hip hop, west coast, southern, and then he raps over some indie tracks which he always sounds amazing over. Anyways, STS is definitely going to be a mainstay at TOTR so do your homework and check out the music below.

Sugar's Here (Make Some Noise) (from The Illustrious)

Covered in GOLD feat. Dice Raw (from The Illustrious)

Here Tonight feat. Tony Williams (from The Illustrious)

Dec 4th (from Demand More)

In For The Kill (from Demand More)

All Comes Around featuring Sterling Simms (from Demand More)

Release Date: 8/23/11
Download: Mediafire

Release Date: 4/20/11
Download: Mediafire

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