Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Airplane Boys - Where've You Been (FreEP)

The 2011 All-Freshman Team members finally drop their highly anticipated EP, Where You've Been. I had no knowledge that this would be dropping today so I was totally caught of guard. Their lyricism always impresses and their unique production backdrops serve as the perfect compliment to their lyrics.This EP features several well-known APB tracks such as Sleep, Escape, and Born To Be. No review needed, its f*cking awesome.

Download: Mediafire
01. Weon
02. Sleep
03. Night Flight
04. Born To Be
05. Maybe
06. Escape
07. Ice Age
08. La Rude, Lord Of The Flies
09. Gold Ribbons
10. Yesterday's Dove
11. Party & Bullshit
12. Gorgeous Flaws

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  1. i'm gonna give this a chance. I saw one video by them a long time ago and it was completely bugged out. the dude that looks like Prince was dancing like Rihanna but the music was good.