Friday, December 16, 2011

Phil Ade - A Different World (FreeLP)

Shortly after drifiting of into music blog obscurity, Phil Ade released his free LP, A Different World. I apologize for not sticking around long enough to post this album. The thing that I love about Phil Ade is how he seems to treat each bar with the mentality that it may be the last bar you listen to from him so he really makes it count. Bar for bar, he's got to be one of my favorites doing it right now. Anyways, I'm sure you know who he is and what he does (HE SPITS HOT FIYA!!!) so just download this album and enjoy. SIDE NOTE: "Second CHance" may just be my favorite track of the year.

Download: Mediafire
01. ADW Intro ft. Laura Song (Prod. By Mark Henry, Q-Heff, Dre King)
02. King (Prod. By Bink!)
03. Monte Carlo Dreams ft. US Royalty (Prod. By Sunny Norway)
04. Cloud 9 ft. Tracie Josephine and GLC (Prod. By Sunny Norway)
05. High On Life ft. Raheem DeVaughn (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
06. Otherside (Prod. By Mark Henry)
07. A Different World (Prod. By Oddisee)
08. Scoreboard ft. Black Cobain (Prod. By Bink!)
09. The Let Out (Interlude) (Prod. By Sunny Norway)
10. You're The One ft. Killa Kyleon (Prod. By Sunny Norway)
11. The Weekend ft. U-N-I (Prod. By Sunny Norway)
12. Second CHance (Prod. By Mark Henry)
13. See You Again ft. Kevin Ross (Prod. By Nieze)
14. Incense ft. Mac Miller (Prod. By Sunny Norway)
15. Your Hand (Prod. By Mark Henry & Dre King)
16. Coming Home (Prod. By Sunny Norway)

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