Friday, December 9, 2011

Artist Spotlight: K.Flay

While taking my "sabbatical" from blogging, I came across an artist that was NOTHING that I was expecting her to be. You all know (if you don't, you should know) I'm not really a fan of female emcees but every now and then, I'm left in awe by one of them. This time it's Stanford graduate, Kristina Flaherty a.k.a. K.Flay. Not only does she rap but she also makes all of her own beats which are not only unique, but awesome combinations of Hip Hop, Indie Rock, and Electronic music. Lyrically, she's legit. Content wise, I don't think there's anybody else doing what she's doing. She rocks out on each track with a certain swagger-filled-vulnerability that allows the listener to feel like this is somebody they hang out with. Granted, somebody extremely dope that they hang out with. For this Artist Spotlight segment I only posted the two mixtapes I downloaded from her website but she also has a self-titled EP available in physical form from her site and in digital form on iTunes. Honestly, you just need to check her out. SIDE NOTE: On "PARTY" she says "Party with the Hurricanes, Party with the Seminoles" and it was then, that I fell in love. Go 'Canes.

Doctor Don't Know (From I Stopped Caring in '96)

Mason Jar (From I Stopped Caring in '96)

PARTY (From I Stopped Caring in '96)

CRAZYtown (From MASHed Potatoes)

boom boom pow KUNG FU (From MASHed Potatoes)

ON the bridge (From MASHed Potatoes)

Release Date: 4/1/11
Download: Mediafire

Release Date: 9/16/09
Download: Mediafire

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