Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laws & Paul McCartney - Yesterday's Future (FreeLP)

Alas, it's here. I've been looking forward to this FreeLP for months. Thank you Laws, I'm glad you finally decided that "Yesterday's Future" (aka today) actually dropped today. Unlike the last two release dates. Seriously though, thank you I couldn't wait to get home and listen to it. Enjoy.


Download: Mediafire
01. Momma Miss America
02. Knocking At The Door (Intro)
03. Knocking At The Door
04. Press Conference 1
05. Fly
06. Say Say Say
07. Homeland
08. Press Conference 2
09. Rinse
10. At The Mercy
11. Dear Boy
12. Press Conference 3
13. Not Coming Down (Mr. Bellamy part 1)
14. Delusionary State (Mr. Bellamy part 2)
15. Yesterday's Future (Mr. Bellamy part 3)
16. Jet
17. Must Be Wrong

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