Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artist Spotlight: J. Nolan

J. Nolan may not be your typical "Next To Blow" artist, but he definitely deserves your attention. Working out of Atlanta but originally from Connecticut, the 21 year old Nolan has been dropping music on his bandcamp for a couple of years and seems to have really found his niche. Instead of mimicking Drake, or Wayne, or Jay, or Ye, Jamar carves out his own style while still showing off his impressive lyrical arsenal. A lyricsist's lyricsist. Kind of a crossbreed between AZ and One Be Lo (and anybody who knows me, knows how much I love these two guys). I happened to find him just going through random Bandcamp artists and I'm glad I did. It was really cool to go through is discography and see his development from his lo-fi 90's style found on The Upbringing 2.0 and Chasing Cool, to his more modern sound on Broken Dreams.
J. Nolan Twitter: @J_Nolan

Broken Dreams
Download: Mediafire

Download: Mediafire

Chasing Cool
Download: Mediafire

The Upbringing 2.0
Download: Mediafire

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