Saturday, December 18, 2010

Paris Jones - Pop A Bottle Remix ft. Young Rell, Nitty Scott MC, Nike Nando, Thr33zy McFly, Qwality, Like (of Pac Div), and Uness

I can't lie, before today, I never even heard of Paris Jones. So I dug around and found more about this producer/emcee from L.A. He has two previous mixtape releases with Blacklist Music and I'll be posting one of them later today. You can't really tell from this track but on his most recent release, I feel like he's the CuDi of the Left Coast if CuDi could produce. Since I'm sure you've never heard most of the artists featured on this track (with the exceptions of Nitty and Like) I also included the original version of Pop A Bottle. Both versions were produced by Paris Jones.

Download: Mediafire

Download: Mediafire

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