Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Skewby - More Or Less (Mixtape)

More Or Less is the follow up to Proving You Wrong Since 1988 from Memphis emcee, Skewby. MoL has no guest appearances and features production from 9th Wonder, Go Judo, Skewby, and more. I love these artists who drop quality mixtapes that are more like albums than mixtapes.

Download: Mediafire
01. More or Less (prod. Skewby & Go Judo)
02. La La (prod. Charlie White, Skewby & Premo)
03. Sing a Song (prod. Skewby & Go Judo)
04. Life Magazine (prod. Go Judo)
05. Sweet Dreams (prod. DJ Chev)
06. Book of Eli (prod. Charlie White)
07. Lost and Found (prod. Go Judo)
08. Everyday (prod. Charlie White & Premo)
09. Eleven:58 (prod. Rickey G)
10. Sunny (prod. Carlos Broady)
11. Must Have (prod. Rickey G)
12. Authentic (prod. 9th Wonder)
13. Me Against the World (prod. Vherbal)
14. Fallback (prod. Skewby & Go Judo)

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