Sunday, January 23, 2011

#OutOfPrint: Binary Star - Masters Of The Universe

This is the 1st edition of #OutOfPrint, a Sunday segment highlighting Out Of Print classics that if you were lucky, you got your hands on a physical copy. But for the most part, you will have to either download it from iTunes or buy it for an inflated price.

This weeks #OutOfPrint spotlights one of the best hip hop albums, PERIOD. This is more than just a critically acclaimed album, this album changed my life. I heard this in 2003 and I was 13 at the time. Upon listening to "Honest Expression" everything I knew about music changed. I turned off that radio bullshit and I never went back. This is the culmination of everything hip hop should be. Comprised of OneManArmy (now known as One Be Lo) and Senim Silla, Binary Star hailed out of Pontiac, Michigan. Tracks like Masters of the Universe, Reality Check, and Honest Expression spotlight their ability to spit unrivaled rhymes while still dropping knowledge. While other tracks like Glen Close and Wolf Man Jack demonstrate their story telling abilities. The lyrics and production prove to be a match made in melody as these to two emcees rock effortlessly over these beats. Production was handled by primarily One Be Lo and Decompoze with one track being produced by Senim Silla. Masters of the Universe was pretty much a re-release of the groups debut album, Waterworld which was self printed and sold 1,000 copies. Masters of the Universe was released a year later with greater distribution and sold 20,000 independently off of One Be Lo's Subterraneous Records label. Physical copies of Masters Of The Universe were re-released but are once again #OutOfPrint. I was fortunate enough to catch the re-release and even got my copy signed by One Be Lo and I assure you, it is NOT for sale. You can listen to Masters Of The Universe in it's entirety below and you can either purchase it from below or via iTunes.

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