Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra (FreeLP)

It seems information about Frank Ocean is rather scarce especially considering how much love his latest project, Nostalgia, Ultra, is receiving. I finally had an opportunity to sit down and listen to Nostaliga, Ultra and my only regret is how long it took for me to actually listen to it. It's apparent as early as track 2, that Frank Ocean isn't your run-of-the-mill R&B artist. The lyrics stand out and lack the mediocrity that typically fills R&B releases. Ocean manages to progress through the album like a seasoned vet, all the meanwhile lacking a hint of inexperience. A truly talented vocalist, Frank Ocean exudes a certain confidence and cool while blending perfectly with the production. "American Wedding" may be the biggest surpirse of entire album. Utilizing "Hotel California" by The Eagles, Ocean delivers a beautiful 7 minute love story that takes you on a journey from before a marriage to after the divorce. Perhaps the most impressive feat of this track is his ability to hone the instrumental to one of the greatest songs of all time. It isn't often that I post R&B on TOTR so when I do, you should take notice and this is no exception.

Download: Mediafire
01. Street Fighter
02. Strawberry Swing
03. Novacane
04. We All Try
05. Bitches Talkin'
06. Songs For Women
07. LoveCrimes
08. GoldenEye
09. There Will Be Tears
10. Swim Good
11. Dust
12. American Wedding
13. Soul Calibur
14. Nature Feels

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