Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Childish Gambino - I Do Not Talk (Mixtape)

I Do Not Talk seems to be a collection of tracks Donald Glover completed prior to releasing his Freaks And Geeks EP. Childish Gambino started out like most rappers, a little rough around the edges and gradually began to carve out his own niche and this mixtape is proof of that. The mixtape shows Glover's progression/development as an artist in chronological order, so much in fact, he seems unfamiliar at the beginning of the mixtape. After track 6, Gambino seems to resemble his current voice and style making the latter half of I Do Not Talk much more enjoyable. According to Glover, I Do Not Talk is the perfect segway to Culdesac which I can only assume is an upcoming project. I've been eagerly anticipating any sort of new music from Childish Gambino since I recently heard the Freaks & Geeks EP and although this tape can be a little rough around the edges, after it hits its stride it manages to deliver several quality tracks.

Download: Mediafire
01. Baby Doll
02. Love Is Crazy ft. Eugene Cordero
03. Easy
04. Grind
05. I'm So Focused ft. Truff Syrum
06. So Much Better
07. Extraordinary
08. Starlight ft. DC Pierson & Amber Petty
09. Almost There
10. Hollerin
11. Sunshine
12. My Girls
13. 49ers ft. DC Pierson
14. I Can Hear Your Feet
15. Bitch, Look At Me Now
16. Get It
17. Different ft. DC Pierson
18. What The Fuck Are You (Remix)
19. For Your Love (Freestyle)
20. Girls Look Better (Bonus)

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